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How to secure information views in SAP HANA



As more and more organization implement SAP HANA native, S4/HANA or sidecar solutions, the need to understand how to provide access and secure information views has emerge.  The intent of this article is to provide the reader with a few technical details relevant to securing SAP HANA information views.

Before we describe how to secure an information view, let’s quickly define the various information views that are available within SAP HANA.

Attribute Views

Attribute Views are created to serve as a reusable type of view. Developers will create Attribute Views to represent items such as customers, products, dates, salespersons and cost centers. Once activated, they can be joined to one or more analytic view data foundations. Within an attribute view we can also create Hierarchies.

Analytic Views

Analytic Views are created to serve as the SAP HANA Cube. When designing the analytic view, developers will design a data foundation using…

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